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 If you are looking for vehicle finance for your business, you may want to consider our Fleet Leasing options. There are many benefits that could be the difference between pushing your business that one step further.

 Improved Cash Flow

The most significant benefit to fleet vehicle leasing is greater corporate cash flow options. Because commercial leasing arrangements require a smaller upfront investment than an outright purchase, your business can retain more cash on hand to manage core business activities. A well-written lease agreement reduces fleet costs to a monthly operating expense, while keeping credit lines clear and cash on hand to reinvest in to your business. This can translate directly to improved market position for your business.

Greater Flexibility

Commercial leases are generally available in two varieties:

Fully-maintained operating leases – including scheduled servicing and maintenance costs, like repairs, tyres, rego and accident management.

Non-maintained operating leases 

At Loana, we offer both types of arrangements and can tailor a solution specifically designed to build your business into the future. 

Increased Management Support

Leasing your fleet can also allow you to access a number of fleet management tools, including the following:

• Fuel expenditure records

• Mileage and location tracking

• Fleet maintenance reminders and recommendations

• Assistance with insurance claims and repair

This added help can ensure that your fleet is operating at optimal levels, as well as boosting productivity in your corporate office.

Improved Corporate Image

Maintaining modern, attractive fleet vehicles on the road can have a positive impact on public perceptions of your company. By putting your business in the spotlight with dependable and appealing fleet cars, trucks, buses and plant equipment, your branding efforts are sure to impress!

Reduced Impact on Your Financial Bottom Line

Leased vehicles are not generally regarded as corporate assets, therefore they don’t necessarily need to be reported on the balance sheet as assets or debts. Instead, they usually fall into the category of business expenses. We recommend you speak with your accountant to get advice about this.


With flexible lease terms, and a simple fixed monthly payment, our Fleet Leasing solutions could help you build your business into the future. Enquire today – give us a call on 08 7070 2303.

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