Buying a new car is one of the most expensive financial decisions you will make, yet it's in no way simple, clear, or direct. Asking these important questions should ensure that your car won’t be a burden later on. Getting it right from the start means you will be able to enjoy your new car, without any hassles!




1 - How much is the car after fees and stamp duty?

What it explains: This question gets you away from talking about monthly payments and focuses you on the actual cost of the car. It's easy for a salesman to draw you in to a significantly more expensive purchase by just adding small amounts onto your monthly payments, so stay fixed on the big picture.

2 - What's the warranty coverage? Are there any perks like free maintenance?

What it explains: The warranty will be one of the most important things to get cleared up. One of the biggest businesses with cars is in the aftermarket, repairing and maintaining vehicles, so you want as much information on your warranty as possible. You need to know what you will and won't be paying for, as there's a lot of money the dealership stands to make from you.

3 -  What accessories and features do I need?

What it explains: Decide which features you need, and which features you would like to have in a car. Do your research beforehand to find it which models have those features. Sometimes you may be offered a different model and you can finish up purchasing a car with accessories you may not have needed.

4 - Can I have a test drive?

What it explains: Don't take a car reviewer's word for it. Get inside, see if the seats are comfortable, figure out if your kids can all squeeze in the back seat, find out how well it can turn around on a street, etc.

5 - "Is that the best you can do?"

What it explains: When you're in the price negotiations, this question tells the salesperson that you're ready to walk away and go to the next dealer on the other side of town to get a better deal. Be prepared to walk away. It will be better for you in getting a fair price.

6 - Does this car make me happy?

What it explains: Buying a new car can be an emotional decision. While perhaps you should be buying the simplest, cheapest, most fuel efficient and reliable car available, you're often buying on looks and the seats and how the car makes you feel.

So you have to ask yourself if the car really does make you happy, because if you're making undue compromises, your car purchase just won't make sense.

7 - What "mandatory" fees will I have to pay?

What it explains: Dealerships can often have associated fees or already-fitted options to their cars that you wouldn't know about until you asked. What, exactly, am I going to be paying for?

Ask for an itemised copy of the contract which details the total “drive-away” cost of the car. Check through this carefully and ensure you are satisfied with all items before signing it. 

8 - Where is the nearest dealer/authorised repair centre to my house?

What it explains: It's one thing to buy a car; it's another thing to own and maintain one. Even if you find a great deal on that Subaru of your dreams a six-hour drive away, if there's nowhere that can service it nearby, you'll likely want to go for a different car.

9 - Should I purchase a brand new car, or should a consider a demo?

What it explains: Compare the cost of an identical demo model to determine if there can be a saving to you. You may be able to save quite a lot of money by simply considering a demo vehicle, and comparing prices on other demo vehicles to negotiate the price with the dealer.

10 - What is the term (length) of the loan and what is my interest rate?

What it explains: This is where we come in! It is very important to understand the terms attached to your loan. At LOANa, we lay out all the important details to make sure you know exactly what you’re in for. Our experienced team want to make this process as simple as possible. 

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