Richard Berry from CarsGuide has road tested the 2016 Renault Clio GT Premium, including the specs, fuel consumption, and overall verdict. Check it out what he has to say below.




Price: From $28,990

ANCAP: 5 Stars

Seats: 5

Fuel Consumption: 5.2L/100km




What he liked:

• Tough looks

• Comfy and secure seats

• Good handling


What he didn’t like:

• Lack of oomph

• Dual-clutch gearbox



The Clio is much sexier and angrier looking than the Mazda and the GT Premium spec is even more so than the ones under it in the range with its tough body kit, LED running lights, chrome exhaust and 17-inch alloy wheels.

At 4063mm end to end the Clio GT Premium is 133mm longer than a Toyota Yaris, and the Renault also has a 79mm longer wheel base at 2589. The GT Premium is 1945mm across (including wing mirrors) the Yaris is a skinnier 1685mm. From tarmac to roof top the Clio stands 1448mm while the Yaris is taller at 1510mm.

The overall look for the Clio is low, wide and with a planted stance. The cabin is super French in that it's stylish, quirky and sometimes confusing, with a fairly high quality feel.

Price and Features

The Renault Clio GT Premium costs $28,990 - that's $3990 more than the GT below it and $10,990 more than the entry-level Authentique.

Standard features on the GT Premium include a 7-inch touch screen with sat nav and reversing camera, parking sensors, proximity unlocking and ignition button, plus there's RS Drive with a Sport mode.

The GT also comes standard with a sport tuned chassis with stiffer springs and dampers for better handling.


There's so many things that are right. The sport seats are great and hold you like an egg in an egg carton, the steering wheel feels great in your hands, so too the pedals under your feet – all of the 'touch points' are spot on. The ride is excellent – soft enough to be comfy but firm enough to give great handling.

The dual clutch auto isn't smooth in slow moving traffic and there's a noticeable lag in power until the turbo spools up. If only we also got the six speed manual they do in France.

The Clio was perfectly suited to city duties although those pillars either side of the windscreen get in the way a bit, too.

Thing is, the car feels all ready to race but lacked the grunt to do it and that just made me pine for the Clio RS Sport with its 67 per cent more power and 25 per cent more torque. 


The Clio GT Premium is covered by Renault's five-year unlimited kilometre warranty. Servicing is required every 12 months or 15,000km and is capped at $299 each year for the first three years. 


I reckon you know what I think. The Clio is beautiful, it looks tough and it feels great to sit in, but the GT Premium doesn't have the grunt to go with its athletic looks. If it was my money, I'd spend a grand more and take home the cracking Clio RS Sport instead. 


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CarsGuide Review: 2016 Renault Clio GT Premium

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