Obviously you try before you buy, but what should you actually look for when test-driving a car?

Here are our top tips! 

 The car industry today sees the buyer having the upper hand, as there is so much choice, so you should always insist on doing more than just a lap of block when you test-drive a vehicle. This is to ensure first and foremost that the car offers all the features, standard and requirements you need in a vehicle, but it also improves the likelihood of you noticing anything that is not quite right with the vehicle. 

Always ask the dealer if you can test the car for at least a day or two to make sure that the car works with your daily run around. Make the car feel like yours by adjusting the seats and mirrors to see if it feels right for you. Take the car on local street, around roundabouts and into your garage to ensure that there is not visibility or size issues, especially if upsizing. You need to make sure the car handles well on the roads they drive whether they are hilly, freeways or suburban backstreets. 

Dealers that are trusted and are keen on making a deal will ensure that you are happy with the vehicle, thus will hopefully allow you to try this. 

Here are our other tips:

  • Monitor fuel consumption.
  • Check out the accessibility and way to install safety seats for children.
  • Make sure the boot size fits everything in it that you would carry on a daily basis.
  • Drive it at night. 

After all, cars are not cheap and need to keep you and everyone else in your vehicle safe, so it is a choice that should be well researched and tested before a purchase is made. 

Once you have made your decision, we can do the rest of the work for you! Get in contact with our team today to apply!

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