car finance australiaEach have their good and bad points on safety, availability, drivability and expense. Let’s take a look at these good and bad points based on you deciding whether to purchase an automatic or manual transmission car.



 Getting from A to B as easily as possible

Driving a car with automatic transmission is certainly easier. You don’t need to worry about constantly changing gears whilst driving around busy towns and cities as you stop at traffic lights and junctions. Depressing the clutch and perfecting clutch control in manual transmission can be challenging and tiresome for some – which is not an issue with automatic cars.



How much will one cost?

Manual transmission cars are cheaper than the automatic equivalent. An automatic transmission is more complicated than a manual transmission to develop and build - automatics costs more to make and ultimately cost more to purchase to the consumer.



If you like complete control of the car and better fuel economy, manual transmission is the way to go. 

A lot of town or city driving means lots of gear changing, and therefore an automatic may be an easier option for you.


For more information on how to choose which transmission type is best for you, check out this article by Driving Test Tips.

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