car finance australiaElectric cars are still a mystery to most people who have got petrol and diesel vehicles housed in their garages. It is important for the average Aussie to know the essential information about what electric cars are actually like and how they operate. Stay tuned for 10 interesting facts about these pollution-free rides that you probably did not know already: 

Can Be Recharged Using Home Outlet

Any electric car can be easily fuelled by plugging it into a regular 120V outlet. It may take an entire day to replenish entirely if the battery is completely empty.

Decrease Oil Usage

Electric cars are greatly acknowledged by governments of Australia, European and Asian nations for their ability to reduce use of petroleum. Even people in Saudi Arabia have started recognising the oil-usage-reducing potential of electric cars.

Bring Down Emission Levels

Government bodies, scientists and environmentalists from all over the world appreciate and acknowledge the proven fact that electric cars can cut down on climate emissions.

Sold By Many Giants

Major car manufacturers like Audi, Ford, Nissan, Volvo, Toyota, Tesla and many others manufacture and sell electric cars.

Cheaper Than Petrol & Diesel Vehicles

The overall operating costs, including refuelling, maintenance and servicing, of electric cars is significantly lower than that of internal combustion automobiles.

Highly Waterproof

The components and systems of an electric car are designed to remain safe from all water incursions, which ensures hassle-free car washes and drives through deep puddles.

Heavy Duty Batteries

A majority of modern electric cars run on Lithium ion battery, which, though expensive, can last for 8 years or more than that.

High Level Of Safety

Electric cars have to survive extensive crash tests during the manufacturing process. As such, they can ensure a high level of safety for the driver and passengers.

High Performance

Electric cars are typically automatic and do not have any gears that need to be changed. Acceleration is instant with high performance.

Prodigious Range 

Most electric car manufacturers produce vehicles with a range of nearly 160 kilometres.


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