how to stay sane on a long road trip

With the holiday period upon us, there’s nothing quite like getting in the car and going to see this beautiful country of ours. But, let’s face it, no-one likes a long car ride! They can be tiring, boring and if you’re travelling with kids, the incessant questions of, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” are enough to drive you mad. Fortunately, we have some survival tips to keep you sane!

  1. Get some sleep. First and foremost, make sure to get plenty of rest before the big drive. If you’re travelling with littlies, ensure they have had a good night’s sleep and aren’t overtired. From personal experience, two hours trapped in a confined space with a screaming toddler, is enough to send you mad.
  2. Share the driving. If you’re driving with another person, plan to stop and change drivers regularly, so you can stay alert and safe.
  3. Can’t stop the music. Take along podcasts, audiobooks or music that you like and make sure your phone, mp4 player or whatever device you are using has plenty of charge. On that note, don’t forget the charger!
  4. Be prepared. Bring some healthy snacks and drinks. Whilst junk food and coffee or energy drinks might seem appealing on a long car ride, these can often make you more tired after the initial energy boost has worn off.
  5. Stop regularly. Make sure you rest every two to three hours. Many Australian highways have good roadhouses or check out the Driver Reviver website to find out what’s available on the route you’re taking.
  6. Busy kids are happy kids. From experience, we can tell you that bored kids make a road trip very long. Make sure you bring their favourite toys, games and books. When travelling, we download the kids’ favourite shows on an iPad, which usually occupies them for a few hours.
  7. Enjoy your surroundings. No, we don’t mean the car! Explore the towns you drive through. You’ll be surprised what little gems you find in small towns, from cool little cafes, to fun parks and playgrounds. Best of all, it gives you and the kids a chance to rest and have a little fun.
  8. Don’t rush. As the saying goes, “it’s better be a little late than dead on arrival.” Take your time and relax so you and the family arrive safely.

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